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When trees are damaged or diseased,…

When trees are damaged or diseased, the affected area will eventually die and decay. As the material decays, the wood becomes weaker. Eventually, the material will become so weak that a strong gust of wind can cause it to fall to the ground, or it may simply drop down because the wood is no longer strong enough to support its weight. Regardless of whether a single branch is affected or the entire tree has died, this is a serious hazard that requires prompt attention. When the branch or tree falls, it could cause personal injury to anyone nearby. It could also result in serious and expensive damage to your home.

Decaying limbs generally have no foliage during prime growing season, or the leaves may be discolored. The wood may appear to be darker, splintered or moldy. Some decay is caused by or leads to pest infestation, so you may notice signs of pests in the affected area. Some trees with decaying limbs can be salvaged with proper trimming. We can quickly inspect your tree to determine its health status, and we can recommend the best course of action for the tree and for your property. To inquire about our availability, contact our office today.

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