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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Alex Tree provides thorough stump grinding at affordable prices.  The depth of the stump grinding is determined if you choose to replant a tree or plant, or just lay sod over it.  Also, a big mess of mulch is left over after grinding the stump.  The two most important factors when getting an estimate are to clarify the depth of the grinding and if the mulch will be  cleaned up and hauled away.

Tree Removal

We love trees and consider removing them as a last resort.  When do we decide to remove a tree?  If the tree is dead or poses a real hazard to homes and building structures.  Often a tree grows too large and may be competing for space with other trees.  Also, Florida encourages the removal of invasive species such as Brazilian Pepper, Punk Tree, or Chinaberry.  These trees proliferate, displacing native species.

Alex Tree can quickly and safely remove even the largest trees.  Much of the wood is recycled to make plywood, pulpwood, mulch, or even wood turnings.

Tree Removal 1
Tre Removal 3
Tree Removal 2
Dead Trees
On occassion, with large dead trees, using a crane is used to remove the tree.  It is the fastest and safest way to remove the tree.  With a crane, at times,  we can lift pieces that weigh up to 10,000 pounds.
Piecing Down a Tree
Here we are removing a dead pine tree.  Most often we remove trees by climbing up them with ropes and saddles.  Notice how pine is being removed in pieces that are carefully dropped in safe zones.


Tree Removal 4
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