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The overall idea to trimming a palm tree is to remove the dead and dying fronds, as well as the seed heads and seed pods that would eventually fall out and make a mess on your property.  Proper palm trimming will mitigate fall-out, decrease rodents nesting in them, and make your palms more beautiful and healthy. 

Canary Island Date Pruning

Canary Island Date Pruning
Canary Island Palm

This large Canary Island Date palm was pruned to form a "pineapple" appearance.  Dead fronds were removed and the boots were shaved to form a pineapple look.  It is important not to remove too many healthy fronds on this type of palm.  They are not a native palm and require supplemental fertilizer to stay helathy.

Phoenix Reclinata Pruning

After Trimming

Reclinatas are clumping palms, so they can quickly grow out of control.  Their fronds hold massive thorns which makes pruning quite painful.  The idea again is not to remove too many of the free fronds in order to maintain a healthy tree.

Cabbage Palms

Cabbage Palm Pruning
Cabbage Palm

The cabbage palm is the Florida state tree.  They tend to sprout up everywhere.  Below are cabbage palms that had been neglected for some time and were really messy.  They can be pruned as aggressively as you like without harming the tree.  They are quite abundant.  You probably have some in your yard.

Bird Of Paradise Clean-Up

Bird of Paradise Pruning and Clean Up
BIrd of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a clumping palm and it can quickly become messy with dead and dying foliage.  It is a good idea to remove the dead leaves and bird flowers to maintain a clean look.  New shoots can be selectively removed to maintain the size of the large plant.

Heavy Pruning on Washingtonians

Washingtonians Pruning
Washingtonians Palm

Washintonian palms grow very quickly and their falling boot can make a mess.  Trees on the left are kept unpruned.  The Washingtonians on the right have been aggressively pruned and booted from top to bottom.  You may trim this particular palm as agrressivley as you wish, even green fronds without damaging the tree.

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