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Coconut Palm

Need your coconut palm tree trimmed or cut? Call the professionals to ensure your are getting the best care for your tree.

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BougainvilleaSo many colors, so much growth. Call us today to keep your trimmed and under control.

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The overall idea to trimming a palm tree is to remove the dead and dying fronds, as well as the seed heads and seed pods that would eventually fall out and make a mess on your property.  Proper palm trimming will mitigate fall-out, decrease rodents nesting in them, and make your palms more beautiful and…

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When trees are damaged or diseased,…

When trees are damaged or diseased, the affected area will eventually die and decay. As the material decays, the wood becomes weaker. Eventually, the material will become so weak that a strong gust of wind can cause it to fall to the ground, or it may simply drop down because the wood is no longer strong enough to support its weight. Regardless of whether a single branch is affected or the entire tree has died, this is a serious hazard that requires prompt attention. When the branch or tree falls, it could cause personal injury to anyone nearby. It could also result in serious and expensive damage to your home.

Decaying limbs generally have no foliage during prime growing season, or the leaves may be discolored. The wood may appear to be darker, splintered or moldy. Some decay is caused by or leads to pest infestation, so you may notice signs of pests in the affected area. Some trees with decaying limbs can be salvaged with proper trimming. We can quickly inspect your tree to determin

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Green foliage is the hallmark of a healthy ecosystem.

Green foliage is the hallmark of a healthy ecosystem. Unfortunately, the appearance of a tree-laden yard or vegetation-rich environment rapidly declines when adequate upkeep is neglected. If you don’t consider yourself a landscaping aficionado, here are some glaring signs that it’s time to prune your trees: dead limbs, dense trees, excess branches, cracked bark, misshapen trees, and weak branches. If tree trimming isn’t your shtick, enlist help from one of our Arborist at Alex Tree. Regarded as Sarasota tree experts, we at Alex Tree excel at pruning, trimming, landscaping, and removing trees. Contact us at 941-879-2073 if your trees are in need of some long-overdue trimming.

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Armed with proficient arborists and tree virtuosos,

Armed with proficient arborists and tree virtuosos, we at Alex Tree take pride in the professional tree services we provide. Though tree trimming and removal are our most popular services, our expertise runs the gamut from landscaping to palm pruning. If you aren’t well read on the changing of seasons and how they affect your greenery, consult us immediately. Our vast knowledge on the ins and outs of tree trimming, pruning, and landscaping knows no bounds, and we enjoy putting our industry expertise to use. At Alex Tree, we place a premium on safety. Not only do we trim trees for aesthetic reasons, but we do it for safety precautions as well. Give us a call today at 941-879-2073 to reap the benefits of expert advice and world-class services.

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Trees add a great deal of beauty to the yard. However, they can become a nuisance

Trees add a great deal of beauty to the yard. However, they can become a nuisance if they aren’t trimmed and properly maintained. Trees can also block out some of the great views that you might want to take in from your deck or patio.

At Alex Tree, we provide professional tree trimming services to help you with your landscape needs. We can trim your trees to make sure that dead or weak limbs do not fall and strike your home. We can also trim back trees in order to open up views that might otherwise be blocked by branches that aren’t growing in just the right places.

At Alex Tree, we serve Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas. We’ve been certified arborists since 2003, and we understand the needs of trees in the state of Florida. If you need tree trimming, palm pruning, tree removal or landscape services, call Alex Tree at your earliest convenience.

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As industry-proclaimed tree specialists,

As industry-proclaimed tree specialists, Alex Tree is comprised of top-tier trimmers, landscapers, and arborist. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, we at Alex Tree help Sunshine State residents keep their palms pruned, trees trimmed, and stumps ground. Above all else, we make it our duty to ensure that nature doesn’t become hazardous to homeowners. It’s for this reason why we urge you to employ our services if a tree has grown to an alarming height. When trees outgrow their intended dimensions, they become a serious risk. If you’re in the market for a reliable, professional, and affordable tree service, give us a call at 941-879-2073.

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Professional tree trimming in Sarasota, Florida

Offering our professional trimming, pruning, and landscaping services to Sarasota residents, we at Alex Tree have a prominent green thumb. From tree removals and palm pruning to grind stumping and landscape designing, our ISA certified arborists are versed in various fields. Our extensive expertise is in large part why our specialists are revered as Sarasota tree experts. Committed to preserving Sarasota’s natural beauty, our team combines enlightened thinking with cutting-edge methods to deliver results that align with client interests. Whether you’re looking to revamp your lawn or trim your trees in time for the spring, give us a call today at 941-879-2073.

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