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Hanging Tree Limbs Can Cause Damage to Your Home

Hanging Tree Limbs Can Cause Damage to Your Home

When you have tree limbs hanging over your home, it is essential to have the items removed quickly. Rodents such as rats or squirrels can crawl along the branches to reach the rooftop to enter venting systems. This can lead to blockages in the exhaust system, causing a buildup of dangerous gas. In addition, the branches can damage a rooftop with repeated thumping during the high winds of a rainstorm. If a heavy tree branch breaks, then it can land on top of the roof, causing serious damage to the shingles, insulation and underlying structures.

Contact Our Certified Arborist for Safe Tree Limb Removal in Florida

Tree limbs that are above a building can lead to injuries for anyone standing nearby when the items fall. It is dangerous for amateurs to climb a tree or a building to reach the tree limbs, but you can call a company that offers this service. At Alex Tree Service in Sarasota, Fla., we provide tree branch cutting and removal in addition to total tree removal. We have extension ladders and bucket trucks so that we can remove tree limbs from your residential property safely.

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