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Tree Inspections

After a hurricane travels through Florida, many trees are in bad condition, and it is essential to understand if a tree requires removal. A tree that is damaged by strong winds is a hazard for a variety of reasons. The damaged tree might fall at anytime, landing on a vehicle or a building. In some cases, the experts at Alex Tree Service in Sarasota only need to trim dangling tree branches to prevent potential problems, but there are trees that require total removal. One of our arborists can examine a tree on your property to determine if it is unstable, and we can arrange its removal promptly.

Sample Testing

Alternatively, you might have a tree on your property that is diseased from pathogens or insects, making it look unhealthy. A tree with infestations is sometimes treated with pesticides or fertilizers to improve its condition in a few months, but if the tree has a severely damaged trunk or roots, then it requires removal. We can collect samples from a tree or its surrounding soil to determine if treatment can save it. However, when the tree is decayed, fast removal with specialized equipment followed by stump grinding is necessary.

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