Schefflera leaves
Fakahatchee grass
Owl in Ocoee
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Tree Trimming
Often trees can become overgrown which may lead to safety and clearance issues.  Proper pruning does not just make the tree prettier, it makes it safer for heavy winds.  Another benefit is increased sunlight for thicker grass and more abundant flowers.  Selective limb removal and reduction can decrease leaf fall-out on rooves, pools, and walkways.  Above all, proper tree pruning can improve the health of our trees and prolong its life.

Vista Pruning
The live oak was elevated to improve the view of the lake.  When elevating most trees, the tree surgeon's goal is to make pruning cuts back to smaller branches which are pointed in the upward direction.  Remember the "rule of thirds".  Always cut back a limb to a lateral at least one third the diameter of the portion being removed.
Vista pruning live oak
Oak Elevation Before
Oak Elevation After
Canopy Elevation
The before and after photos below illustrate a tree canopy elevation.  Low limbs can smother a house and lawn, making it difficult to walk or mow under.  Notice how the house becomes visible after the pruning.  The tree crow was also thinned out, decreasing wind resistance in the event of a storm or hurricane.  Also, more light is able to penetrate the lawn area for better growth.
Roof Clearance
Before and after photos of an aggressive roof clearance.  The overly mature laurel oak was breaking branches on the roof, as well as depositing mounds of debris.  Debris accumulation retains moisture contributing to roof rotting. Keep in mind if this were a live oak I would not have pruned so much since they are a stronger tree.