Schefflera leaves
Fakahatchee grass
Owl in Ocoee
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Landscape Design
Creating your new landscape may seem like a daunting task.  A trip to the nursery can leave you overwhelmed and confused.  You may ask yourself what plant goes where?  What spacing do I use?  How big will it get?  Is it high maintenance?
I have developed this website to help make the complicated simple.  Together we can bring your ideas to fruition.  Designing your landscape will be easy and fun by breaking down the design process into three steps.

First we want to find out what plants appeal to you.  Do you like flowers?  Are you looking for a tropical look?  How about plants that add color to your landscape?  Take your time navigating through the Plant and Tree Guide to help you pick out some plants that you would like to see in your landscape.
Brown Bud Allamanda
Ligustrum Tree
Bougainvillea climbing wall
With digital cameras and computers we can see what the plants might look like in your landscape.  The "Photoshop" technology for landscaping has been around a while but results have been rather crude.  I have tweaked my own plant photos with different software to provide you realistic images. 
Home needing landscape
Photo Imaged landscape
Would you believe architects used to draw scaled plans on paper with a pencil?  Computer Animated Design (CAD), automates the drawing process making design fast, efficient, and fun.  Multiple designs and changes can be easily made with the software.
Full Blueprint
Planting Detail
Plant List
1. Choose Plants from the Plant and Tree Guide