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Alex Tree provides professional tree services, landscape design, and landscape installation at affordable prices to residential and commercial clients in Sarasota, Bradenton, and surrounding regions.  We specialize in maximizing tree safety, health, and beauty through professional pruning.

In addition to tree trimming and removal, Alex may work directly with you, using computer animated design and digital imaging software to help you choose the right landscape for you.  With my twenty years experience and as an ISA certified arborists, you can be assured to receive sound advice on tree and plant care.

I have developed this website not to just tout my services, but also to provide a learning resource for Sarasota trees and landscapes.  Many of your questions regarding identifying, selecting, and caring for trees and plants may be answered by navigating through my site.  Feel free to call or e'mail me with any questions you have.  I enjoy helping.

Top Five Reasons to Have Your Trees Trimmed
1. So a tree won't fall on your house
         - Hazardous trees and branches can fall unexpectedly,
           damaging property
2. Because trees are messy
         -Many trees can litter your driveway, patios, and
          gutters with leaves, seeds, pollen ,and fruit
3. So your lot gets more sun
         - Overgrown branches can displace property,may
           impede sunlight, and block views
4. So your neighbors will be jealous
         - With the right care, your trees will look beautiful
5.  So you don't have critters on your roof
         - Limbs near building structures provide avenues for
           rodents and pests. Dirty palm trees are a haven rats
           and snakes.
Grand Oak
1. You get expert, professional advice
       - I've been a Florida Certified Arborist since 2003,
         ISA #FL-1249A
2. You get a free, no pressure estimate
       - Always get three estimates, but make sure one is
3. You get quality tree work
I walk you through the job, before and after      
4. You get peace of mind
       - We are fully licensed and insured
5. I love Sarasota
Top Five Reasons to Choose Alex Tree
Alex in Norfolk Pine
Alex Tree Service and Landscape Design, Sarasota